To my unborn, unconceived daughter Eden.

​​To Eden Elezabith


You, my darling Eden,

are the reason for my happiness. Your existence allows me to smile as much as I do. You are the very reason I kept going when I believed I couldn’t go any longer. You keep me sane through the most difficult of times. I honestly do not know what I would do without you. I love you with all of my heart. You will

forever be my greatest creation.

I feel like you should know that you were a little different from other babies. Now don’t let that scare you. You were a completely healthy, beautiful baby girl. What made YOU so different was that you were a thought.

“A thought is something you think of before you do something.”

Some babies are not really thought of

until they make their surprise entrance into mommy’s life. But unlike those others; you were a thought before you were a surprise!

You were so many things Eden. You were a dream, a miracle, an obsession, a figment of my teenage imagination.

Until your daddy and I finally decided it was time to bring you here. To the place we always dreamt youd be; right here beside us starting our little family.


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