My Baby Bins

I’m not looking for judgement, I’m just here to inspire women and men who do the same thing. I do this because I enjoy it, and I have a little extra money to spend sometimes and why not spend it on somthing as important as my future children… 💘

My baby Ezra Alan’s bin, and my daughter Eden Elezabith’s bin!!!! I’ll show you what’s inside….

Here I have my soaps, some wittle socks, two outfits and a few books from my child hood!!

A cute little bear blanket I found, possibly for Ezra.

Winnie the Pooh blanket for any one of my babies nurseries!!! Beautiful.

Alot of my baby boy outfits, and a bumble Bee bathing suit slipped in there cause I ran out of room!

Here’s my girly clothes!!! Eden’s outfits 😍

Finally some honesty brand diapers and lotions. Along with a lil blanket and a exact replica of a stuffed bunny I had when I was little, I found the identical bunny at a yard sale!


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