Life in the one way lane

When I was fourteen years old, I fell in love with a guy over the internet who lived in a different state. After a year he moved to mine. Sounds crazy to do that for a fifteen year old huh? Anyways we were together for two years exactly.. When I say exactly I mean we broke up for good after are two year anniversary date, which essentially was the best decision of my life and the midst awkward meal of Chinese I’ve ever had. We broke up because of his constant cheating. I soon figured out that that whole year before he moved here he was doing the same thing! Yippee.

I have now been in a relationship with a different man for a little over two years, he is truly great to me. I’ve really have never not been in a relationship though. I don’t know if I mind though. I like stability. I’ve pretty much always had my roads choosen for me. I don’t have a problem with that, if I chose the road it’d probably be the worst one. 

From the time I turned 16, I wanted a credit score. When I turned 17, I had named every single one of my unborn unconcieved children.
Eden Elezabith, Ezra Alan, Willow Renee, and Asher lane. (Only ones SO FAR)

As you can see, I’m a little different. I’ve never really been a teenager. At least never felt like one, didn’t really want to. I always wanted to skip a few years and be a mommy. I can only imagine the “awes” 3rd Grade teachers get when their kids say they want to be a parent when they grow up.

If you do that now a days at my age people will tell you that’s a TERRIBLE idea. I find it amusing that they don’t think I’d be the best mom their ever was. Jk, haha there are some awesome mom’s out there!

Sounds crazy? Sound familiar? Message me!


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