How to potty train in 3 days!

The night before you start:

-Prepare yourself and your toddler for the day ahead. Talk to your toddler about going potty. Talk about how excited you are that they are becoming a big girl/boy! Tell them that starting tomorrow, there are no more diapers! 

Day one:

-From the moment your toddler wakes up, NO MORE DIAPERS. Put underwear on them and explain to them again that diapers are a thing of the past!

-Put them on the toilet every 20 minutes. Constantly ask if they have to go potty (to the point where you’re sick of saying it)!

-If they successfully use the potty, make a BIG DEAL! Brooklynn would get so excited when she went potty because we were excited for her! I would say, “I’m so proud of you!” Every time she goes potty (to this day), she says, “you’re so proud of me, mommy!” Make sure to utilize the potty training chart and have your toddler put a sticker on it when they go! We did one sticker for pee and two stickers for poop!

-Put Pull-Ups on at nap time and nighttime. Try to avoid family outings for the first two days. If you have to leave, make sure to put a Pull-Up on them!

-There will be a lot of accidents. Don’t get mad, don’t get frustrated, don’t give up. This is normal!

how to potty train in three days + free printable potty training chart

Day two:

-Same thing as day one. By this point, your toddler should start to understand the feeling of wetting themselves and trust me, they won’t like it!

-On day two, Brooklynn had ONE accident total. One!!! 

Day three:

On day three, we had our first outing! We put our toddler in a pull-up and made sure to ask her every thirty minutes or so, “do you have to go potty?” She went potty once at the restaurant we were dining at and had zero accidents. It’s been about four weeks since I’ve been able to say that she is officially potty trained. She has had a few poop accidents, but ZERO pee accidents!

how to potty train in three days + free printable potty training chart

How to use a potty training chart to successfully potty train:

Print out THIS free potty training chart and tape it to the mirror or wall in the bathroom. Every time your child successfully uses the restroom, they get to put a sticker on one of the circles. When they fill up an entire row (four stickers), they get a prize or treat! We chose to do little pieces of candy as our “prize” because Brooklynn is highly motivated by candy, LOL. You can adjust the guidelines of the potty chart to fit your family and toddler. For instance, poop can be worth 2-4 stickers depending on how well they’re catching on!

how to potty train in three days + free printable potty training chart


-Get a potty seat that goes on the regular toilet. My daughter thought the little kid’s potty (the portable kind) was a toy and didn’t take it seriously. Having her use the “real potty” made her feel like she was a big girl. Plus, she wanted to be “like mommy” and use the real potty.

-Get Pull-Ups Learning DesignsTrust me on this one! We tried three different brands total. Huggies is the only brand we were 100% satisfied with! The Huggies Pull-Ups offer more coverage, they are super soft and comfortable, they slide on and off easily, they are extremely absorbent, they come in two different styles (Disney’s Doc McStuffins and Pixar’s Cars Lightning McQueen), and they have a wetness indicator that shows Disney Character art when wet!

-Don’t give up!


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