Hi I’m a cashier and Im terrible at math.

Hi I am a cashier, and truth is I’m not smart in the way people want me to be. I mess up alot but I have a great heart and I can make friends with all gaps of people and truth is I try my damn best.
But that doesn’t make for the ideal person according to most, and when people stare at me like I’m stupid when I struggle and tell me what I should have learned in school I get sad.
I never got diagnosed with a learning disability but I struggled alot during school and probably should have. These people tell me all these mean things and I just look back at them thinking how I would handle a situation like that in their shoes, possibly helped that person out so they didn’t feel like the whole world was watching them fail.
For all you could have known I might of had a learning disability, I could of even had autism, and of course I don’t but they wouldn’t care even if I did. They see a girl behind the counter who is struggling to count and they call me like they see me, stupid. They don’t even know me.
Your sad life and small words make ME feel small at first..but once you go away the pain in my heart you caused only stays until the next customer smiles because of me, that is what I work for!


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